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Today’s digital and data-driven world requires your business to have the latest tools and tactics to be competitive and successful. As Business Intelligence (BI) consulting leaders, we, at Shuban Systems, help you achieve that goal.


Our BI consulting services combine innovative analytics solutions with reporting tools for building relationships around – and achieving valuable insights from – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. We help you select, optimize, and deploy an array of custom and pre-built analytics and reporting tools that give insights into your: customers, brand, competitors, operations, and market opportunities. During the rollout phase, our BI consultants ensure that you realize the benefit of the deployed BI solution by working closely with your team through the change management process. Some of our specific BI services that differentiate us from other BI solution providers include:


  • Strategic planning, BI assessments, BI roadmaps
  • BI tool selection and RFP assistance
  • Prototype and Proof-of-Concept exercises
  • Data migration, Data integration
  • BI architecture design and optimization
  • Analytics reporting automation, Dashboard development
  • MDM and Data governance guidance


We’re also often the ‘BI Consulting Company of Choice’ for enterprises seeking a robust data analytics environment. Leveraging the application toolsets that build context and semantics layers, we integrate, measure and create connections between data collected from multiple electronic sources – including traditional financial data warehouse assets, sales and marketing data, ERP data – to extract value and provide actionable insights for your leadership teams to act upon. These tools benefit all aspects of your business processes, including, but not limited to:


  • Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Planning and Management
  • Sales and Operations planning
  • Healthcare Information Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Human Resources and Staffing


Our Dashboard Services


The growing demand for advanced digital technology creates both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises to take advantage of interactive dashboard applications and effectively illustrate key performance indicators and trends. Using leading software tools, our dashboard consulting and development experts allow you to easily obtain snapshot views of your sales, marketing, financial, supply chain, CRM, ERP and other departmental and operational data.


Further, we advise you on what makes a dashboard an exceptional tool for data analysts and corporate leadership. Does it display information in a clear, concise way? Can your leadership teams view both a high-level summary – and then drill down into granular detail – to get a more diagnostic view of the enterprise data?


Our Dashboard team develops quality summations of real-time, relevant data from secure sources to help your business make informed, intelligent choices. Our data visualizations are presented in clear, logical formats that can get into nitty-gritty detail or be used as a big picture, executive summary.


Our Mobile Services


With the advent, and evolution, of smartphones, tablets and wireless technology into legitimate tools for managing day-to-day business, the market demand for mobile business intelligence applications will only increase over time. With much of today’s workforce conducting business in a more virtual world, the need for quality information in a wireless global marketplace cannot be overstated.


Shuban Systems’ Mobile Consulting team offers best practice mobile BI architectures for you to achieve higher business process efficiency and accessibility, anytime, anywhere. Powered by centralized cloud, our mobile platforms compete effectively with more traditional data warehouse methods. Better and faster bi-directional data access at your fingertips, with intuitive mobile dashboards, means real-time intelligence, improved employee productivity, better customer service, and a more competitive outlook.


Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your specific BI needs. We’re here to help!