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Big Data’s potential to yield key insights from business information is well known. However, it is equally well acknowledged that only a small percentage of this data gets analyzed. For businesses, such as yours, this means missing out on real-time insights from social media, machine logs, sensors, and other data sources in the absence of qualified Big Data analytics experts.


At Shuban Systems, our award-winning Big Data Analytics Consulting team specializes in extracting meaningful insights from the raw information that flows through organizations every day.


It is true that most Big Data analytics consulting companies do what Shuban Systems does. Our differentiator, however, is how we have always ridden ahead of the curve by understanding that the more data you can gather, the better the quality of the solution. Our Big Data analytics consultants are especially recognized for doing the following:


  • Incorporating all kinds of new and traditional data within our field-tested Big Data Framework (including complex data from blogs, machine sensors/logs, social media, emails, internet search activity)
  • Leveraging leading-edge analytics to review this streaming information on real-time dashboards


Shuban Systems’ industry recognition as a Big Data analytics consulting firm of repute also comes from the fact that our proprietary Big Data Framework is based on a ‘Strategy-Architecture-Integration-Realization’ platform – one that is equipped to plan, design, build and implement Big Data analytic programs. Several leading organizations seeking a Big Data analytics solution provider par excellence have, time and again, leveraged our Framework to realize Big Data-related business benefits from their processes, people and technologies.


Businesses today are on the lookout for a Big Data analytics firm that can help them with a clear understanding of their markets for future success. This ask needs answering through a combination of relevant data sources and new technologies and tools that can manage, store, and access this data. At Shuban Systems, our experienced Big Data Analytics Services team and our Big Data Framework do just this, and more.