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Increase Customer Engagement and Employee Productivity

Shuban Systems can help actualize your digital transformation through a wide spectrum of services ranging from business process management and enterprise content management, to app development and mobile enablement.



A global leader in the security and protection industry was interested in digitalizing their B2B customer interactions to improve customer experience, increase revenue, and reduce the cost of both — infrastructure maintenance and administration. Shuban Systems enabled a responsive design that allowed the company to provide a seamless user experience and further integrate their content management system.


“Shuban Systems’ commitment to taking end-to-end ownership of developing the e-commerce web app is exemplary. Their dedicated involvement was key to us garnering the advantages of automated test suite development and manual testing.”

L2-L4 Apps Support For Users

It’s simple. When your teams use enterprise applications, you want them to have the best experience.

Refactoring And Cloud Migration

At Shuban Systems, we help business leaders make many company-altering decisions when it comes to the specifics of their

Custom Applications Development

What a game changer mobility and social media have been for businesses! Organizations are moving to the cloud

Marketing Automation

Businesses are going digital, and how! Thanks to multiple online channels, a growing set of technologies,

Applications Hosting & Support

In today’s technology-driven consumer landscape, expectations for digital convenience are at an all-time high.

Organizational Change

Is your organization looking to change its systems or the way it manages information? Do you have a solid plan

Sales Operations Digitalization

The sales landscape has never been so complex. Consumers are no longer bound to the traditional, linear sales cycle.

Customer Experience Consulting

Client centricity. Personalized interactions. ‘Wow’ experiences. Three fronts today’s digital-age businesses find increasingly

Continuous Improvement

You’ve mastered the process of getting products to market, hitting sales targets, and meeting your users

Operations Digitalization

Digital transformation was once hailed as the path to the future. Now, we see it more as a present reality—albeit,

Partner Experience Consulting

Customer satisfaction increases with a consistent brand experience. But to maintain consistent and connected brand

Employee Experience Consulting

Embracing change is always difficult. More so when its pace is incrementally rapid, thanks to digitalization.