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The Financial Services and Insurance sector is, by general consent, a fairly complex arena. Especially because its products and services require specific reporting tools and highly accurate analysis of large volumes of data to achieve pre-determined business objectives despite myriad market risks.


At Shuban Systems, our team specializes in understanding and meeting the unique needs of varied entities under the financial/ insurance umbrella including insurance and reinsurance enterprises, commercial lenders, bankers, investment firms, credit card companies, and fund managers.


The vast quantum of data generated by this sector is, in part, a function of reporting-related state and federal rules. Gathering relevant information on these requirements quickly to meet mandated compliance guidelines is crucial. So is integrating myriad amounts of data including, but not limited to, claims, policies, treaties, asset and real estate management, collateral, compliance and regulatory documents, reserves, subscribers, and merger and acquisition activity. Shuban Systems does all of these for our clients in addition to helping them analyze and change their portfolios for the better through wide-ranging, relatable BI and Big Data insights that highlight products and services that are more effective/ profitable than others and to what extent. Enabling clients with a thorough understanding of market trends, competitors, and customer behaviors is also a prime focus for us at Shuban Systems.