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Supply chains are mammoth functions. Not only because of the finesse involved in executing every task like clockwork, but also because optimizing operational costs is only possible through an efficient supply chain.


Shuban Systems specializes in crafting successful partnerships with enterprises that provide industrial/ commercial goods and services to support other businesses. Our consultants collaborate with industrial manufacturing and distribution firms to integrate, consolidate, and analyze business-critical information from often disparate systems including financial and operational ones, sensors, ERP and CRM ones, logistics and transportation management ones, among others.


Our consultants’ extensive experience and in-depth know-how of designing and deploying next generation BI/ DW/ Big Data analytics technologies capable of adding measurable value to your enterprise will help you:


  • Improve capture and analysis of manufacturing and product quality metrics
  • Track and better the supply chain and movement of goods to end users
  • Minutely examine marketing and sales performance, as well as opportunities