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E-commerce success today is largely determined by how well BI and Big Data are being leveraged. With cutthroat competition and online consumer spending growing rapidly, internet merchants — like yourself — are becoming acutely aware of the importance of storing large volumes of disparate data in an organized manner and derive meaningful consumer insights from it.


At Shuban Systems, we specialize in seamlessly organizing this data along with developing effective analytic tools that integrate and make sense of large quanta of data for you – right from gauging purchase trends, discovering consumer likes and dislikes, and measuring sales against inventory, to improving customer loyalty, and gaining a valuable understanding of how to maintain enterprise viability and market share.


Shuban Systems also helps internet companies with selecting the correct analytics architectures and technology, in addition to data integration, timely reporting, predictive analytics, and more. We assist with the analysis of different kinds of data — 360-degree customer information, links, website traffic, ads and operations, finance, marketing, sales, reviews, logs, and scrapings.