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Continuous improvement through real-time monitoring and high-level automation

Being able to anticipate problems and prepare to tackle them is no longer impossible for organizations today, thanks to the 24×7 availability of intelligent infrastructure apps. However, merely having state-of-the-art performance monitoring solutions and availing of application monitoring services isn’t enough. Not in this digital transformation era at least.


At Shuban Systems, our analysts and advisors routinely take a step ahead to make infrastructure setups ‘talk’ to each other, helping to identify problems well before they occur. This alerts the relevant users/ authorities, in addition to starting the self-healing process in the background to ensure that service levels are maintained and downtime is minimized. We are also known for continuously monitoring IT infrastructure and implementing a high level of infrastructure automation for our clients. As a result, infrastructure analytics dashboards containing KPIs and metrics — with the necessary alerts — enables our clients to take timely action to prevent major outages.


Dashboard monitoring experts will tell you that agile, scalable and digital-ready processes and environments are a function of disparate systems ‘talking’ to each other in a seamless, yet efficient, manner. Partnering with a leading-edge dashboard monitoring provider like Shuban Systems helps you achieve such a scenario, in addition to the following advantages:


  • Lower risk and overall cost
  • Higher resource and asset utilization
  • Lower downtime and higher resource availability
  • Higher client and employee satisfaction
  • Real-time fact-based decision-making
  • Higher process efficiency



The average dashboard monitoring agency reviews enterprises’ existing process, tools, and automation levels before suggesting the necessary processes and tools for dashboarding, continuous monitoring, and automation.


At Shuban Systems, our Dashboard Monitoring Service focuses on taking things a notch higher by:


  • Benchmarking automation levels and processes with the best-in-class and peers
  • Creating metrics that need to be continuously monitored and measured to improve the efficiency of the entire system, including the infrastructure
  • Improving the availability of environments, implementing runbook automation, automating processes, running environments to agreed SLAs and KPIs