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Enterprise collaboration is key to maintaining business continuity. It is also key to enhanced customer satisfaction, and therefore, business success. Suffice to say that effective workflows and intelligent collaboration are essential for enterprises to grow and flourish.


Microsoft is known for its leading-edge, web-based, collaborative platform called SharePoint in this regard. Integrated with Microsoft Office, SharePoint manages workflows, stimulates and encourages human collaboration, improves the quality of work processes, enhances employee productivity, and does much more. SharePoint counts the following as its mainstay USPs


  • Ability to bring about real-time collaboration
  • Equipped with foolproof security
  • Ability to bring about process-focused integration
  • Enable clockwork-precise workflows
  • Ability to consolidate knowledge and sustain innovations


Despite all this, a vast majority of businesses still find themselves wondering ‘But what is Microsoft SharePoint?’ And the straightforward answer is that it is an enterprise content and document management tool that allows for storage, retrieval, searching, archiving, tracking, management, and reporting of electronic documents and records. For organizations, implementing SharePoint means streamlining various legal, information management, and process requirements.


As a global Managed Service Provider for Microsoft, Shuban Systems drives next generation technology and business solutions for its clients. We are also a Managed Services Partner for the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program. Shuban Systems is a one-stop shop for SharePoint solutions, helping clients define the strategy and roadmap, to customizing and integrating, followed by implementation and support. We leverage SharePoint to help clients boost organizational agility, gain business insights, and improve decision making through knowledge and resource sharing – anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our vast pool of SharePoint and other Microsoft technology certified associates are adept at building end-to-end SharePoint solutions.




  • File hosting service
  • Custom web applications
  • Service applications
  • Web applications
  • Web-based configuration
  • Knowledge management portal
  • Enterprise content and document management




  • Built centralized workflow system to create and maintain mortgage loan transactions for a Fortune 100 life insurer
  • Enhanced customer experience by developing a SharePoint-based administrative maintenance and support system for a US-based tier 1 insurance company
  • Developed Debt Deal Processing workflow system, providing real-time access to current and historical deal information for improved investment decisions for a global insurer
  • Successfully implemented Document Management System on SharePoint for a global insurer | Helped client in reducing workload on users by automating redundant activities and organizing files with proper naming conventions and accessing reports easily