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The wealth of information the retail industry houses within itself is a virtual treasure trove – one that holds the key to the discovery of who’s buying what, their reasons for purchase, their post purchase sentiment, and so on. Consumer transactions and their opinions on those transactions are ubiquitous, and with Shuban Systems specializing in developing highly effective tools that integrate and analyze these vast amounts of data, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive reporting tools to retail and CPG companies like yours.


Shuban Systems helps you target your intended markets with greater precision by crafting a more accurate picture of a company’s market position. We also ensure you stay your course on pre-determined strategies or make necessary course corrections rapidly without losing momentum to bring about positive change. Shuban Systems consultants are adept at the following exponentially growing areas of BI and Big Data reporting and analytics:


  • Sales, marketing, loyalty marketing and campaigns
  • Category and Product Management
  • Market share and forecasting
  • Inventory, distribution, logistics, vendors
  • 360-degree view of the customer
  • SKU and products, Product hierarchy
  • Market basket, product mix, new markets
  • Pricing and competition


Shuban Systems also helps with data integration of M&A activity, product and customer master, database marketing, market share, competition, and several other areas.