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Transforming Sales as Value-Added Partners in Customers’ Journey

The digital era has reshaped buyer behavior. Gone are the days of the uninformed shopper. Now with instant access to products and services information, much of the selling work is done before buyers have even spoken to a distributor. To excel in the digital era, salespersons must enter every interaction as trusted advisors, wielding the knowledge to make every interaction as personalized as possible.


Work with our sales analytics consultants to gain an advantage and see the big picture. Shape ordinary customer interactions into something greater by integrating relevant data from all corners of your organization — research, marketing, sales, service, operations, finance, and more. See sales from a different vantage point when you can look beyond channels, geographies, and product lines to determine which deals are the most profitable for your business. Strengthen your decision making with the ability to monitor performance across a multitude of areas — top line growth, margins, channels, sales productivity and compensation in both current and predictive contexts. When CAOs have the full picture, the difference is dramatic — from more informed decisions and effective sales strategies to increased levels of performance and productivity.




  • 360-degree view of customers
  • Customer experience redesign
  • Improved channel productivity
  • Revenue and margin performance
  • Sales productivity improvement
  • Effectiveness of sales campaigns




Sales analytics can have a significant impact on productivity and profit. However, there are still certain challenges that need to be overcome. Shuban Systems helps CAOs to:


Drive sales with a deeper understanding of sales team effectiveness and engagement at every stage of the buyer journey. Our analysts will provide C-level research on emerging markets, sales enabling technologies, and best practices in analytics.
See top challenges prioritized, and transformational objectives and goals defined. We will assess your environment and recommend an approach that significantly elevates sales performance, forecast accuracy, customer engagement, and conversions.
Implement the right analytics tool for their organization, along with KPIs and reports. We will facilitate integration and seamless exchange of data across all relevant systems and run tests with leading sales reps to ensure a successful rollout.
Foresee future needs — from development to training to staffing — and benefit from training programs designed to help sales take full advantage of their analytics platform. Our managed service model supports the daily needs of CAOs, CSOs and sales leaders.




  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • InsideSquared
  • Tableau
  • Oracle




  • Segmentation analytics
  • Propensity to buy analytics
  • Channel optimization analytics
  • Salesforce optimization analytics
  • Sales incentive compensation analytics
  • Demand forecasting analytics
  • Pipeline management analytics
  • Cross-sell/ Upsell analytics
  • Customer retention analytics
  • Master data management (for data cleansing, 360° customer view)