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Executives worldwide are tuning their strategies towards achieving Digital Transformation to enable greater efficiencies, improved customer experience, and better cost savings. At the same time, enterprises are also embracing cutting-edge digital solutions that can enhance their productivity and efficiencies, and streamline their processes. Executives are increasingly turning to Cognitive Computing solutions to achieve these and related goals. IT decision makers across the globe are acknowledging the importance of process automation for their digital transformations initiatives. Suited best for data-intensive, highly repetitive, rules-based, and template-based processes that interact with IT applications, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is transforming the way business processes are delivered to clients.


With over 15 years of experience in working with Fortune 1000 and emerging companies primarily across the Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, IT and Manufacturing industries, Shuban Systems understands their pressing need of automating the back office, and other repeatable and predictable processes to save cost, achieve higher efficiencies, and ensure scalability of execution.


To enable intelligent automation in the Digital Transformation journeys of our clients, Shuban Systems partners with UiPath, a RPA technology leader, to ensure the advantages of quality, productivity and agility are extended to them. Adopting the UiPath platform allows enterprises to realize tactical process enhancements by eradicating tedious, redundant tasks with robots, backed by robust architecture. It enables organizations to securely automate any variety of processes at scale in a feature-rich automation development environment. With powerful real-time analytics capabilities and the ElasticSearch monitoring technology, it brings a high level of customization to every operational requirement. Its open and extensible platform, enabled by built-in template actions, makes automation a seamless experience with the availability of cloud and on-premises deployment options. We help clients plan their automation journey and build business-specific automation and support at each stage – from research and strategy development, to implementation and operations. Shuban Systems provides holistic solutions to business-specific process needs across the marketing, sales, product/ service, customer service, and digital process automation functions.



  • RPA Roadmap and Business Case Development
  • Use Case and Process Identification
  • RPA platform selection and implementation
  • POC and Pilot projects
  • Ramp up, Scale and Ongoing support
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Process Optimization and Continuous Improvement