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A natural progression in the evolution of BI and Big Data analytics involves Shuban Systems’ work in helping the The Utilities and Telecom sectors improve efficiencies and enhance services to consumers, and to the public at large. Modern society counts energy, electricity and telecommunications services as basic amenities. Services that are non-negotiable for the smooth functioning of daily life. No surprise then that the Utilities and Telecom sector counts seamless consumer and public service delivery as a key success factor. Enterprises in this space recognize the importance of creating a smarter, more reliable, and cheaper grid – something that evolved BI and Big Data analytics are perfectly capable of doing.


At Shuban Systems, we specialize in data integration, reporting and analytics around exponential amounts of data for Utility and Telecom enterprises like yours. We help you measure and improve services, stay ahead of competitors, and assimilate alternative energy resources effectively. Data is parsed from many sources and includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:


  • Generation, transmission, distribution
  • Billing, smart grid, meters and meter usage
  • Regulatory, regional transmission organizations (RTO)
  • Merger and acquisition activity
  • Service calls and call-level detail
  • Marketing, customer relations, loyalty programs
  • Operations and network optimization
  • Pricing, campaigns, and vendors
  • Scheduling and staffing